Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pretty in Pink


I had this deco dresser sitting in my garage without it’s partner mirror.

Pink Deco dresser BEFORE

It was missing handles and lots of peeling veneer. 

Pink Deco dresser 1

Why oh why did they ever used veneer escapes me.  More often than not the wood underneath is every bit as nice… with a little sanding of course.  Veneer is a bugger to repair!

The back was warped so it had to be replaced. The original mirror sat in a recessed part on the top but the mirror that I chose to use with it had to sit on the top so I had to use a piece of wood to fill in the recess.

Pink Deco dresser 1a

I tried Rustoleum’s new “chalky” paint on this.  Love the color!

Pink Deco dresser 3

New pulls and it’s good to go!

Pink Deco dresser 2

P.S.  The color is true in the close up not this photo.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Am I Nuts?

Confused smile




noun: armoire; plural noun: armoires

  1. a wardrobe or movable cabinet, typically one that is ornate or antique.

That’s the definition of armoire.  Sounds fancy right?

06 Fabia armoire BEF 2

Antique = check!  Movable = check!  Fancy = possible!

06 Fabia armoire BEF

With a toooooooooon of work!  Peeling veneer might just be the bane of my existance!  Sometimes I might just be my own worst enemy.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ahoy Navy!

I love white but it can become booooooring to do one piece after another in white.  Granted I do have several ‘go to’ whites (Woohoo!  How wild am I?)  but sometimes I just need to change things up.  So I cracked open some ASCP in Napoleonic Blue.  Gorgeous color!

06 Navy commode during
No “before”, only a “during”.  A golden oak commode.  And I do mean golden.  Nothing a little sanding and stain + paint can’t fix!

Dark Walnut Howard’s “Restore a Finish” for the top.   Clear and dark wax over the paint.  Gold acrylic for the pulls.  Et voila! 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Deco Love


I love the soft curves of Art Deco style furniture.  When I saw this piece, I had to have it!  For me!  I thought it would be perfect a sideboard in my kitchen/dining area.


05 Deco Sideboard BEF

It could have been used ‘as is’ but there were veneer issues so I decided to deal with them and then repaint it.


05 Deco sideboard AFT

It turned out it was too big for my kitchen and so off to the shop it went.  Boohoo!  Such a beauty.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

A Beastly Piece – The Toile Hutch

Sometimes I wonder what possess me to pick up pieces like this..
04 Black Hutch
It was missing glass, full of worm holes, and lots of nooks and crannies to cover up that black paint.  Translation…a ton of work!

04 Toile Hutch
After many hours, this is the end result.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Itty Bitty Footstool

I haven’t posted in ions…not because I haven’t done any projects but more that life got in the way.  I find if I don’t keep up on the posts, backtracking can be a humongous task.  So I’ll start with the here and now and see if I can catch up.

Footstool BEF
This little icky’ish stool came into my life about 2 weeks ago.  I try to deal with small projects as quickly as I can.  So I did.

Popped the tacks and stripped the vinyl.  The foam underneath was pristine because the vinyl had protected it so I reused it and  painted the frame.
Footstool AFT
The corners were a little awkward so I used some Mother of Pearl buttons to fill in the blank spaces.

Footstool AFT 2
Not a work of art but better than it was!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pretty in Toile

I’m not sure what this was originally meant to be.  It looked like it had been a dresser with the top drawers chopped off and then the dresser top was attached to the bottom drawer.  I’m not sure but I saw it as a coffee table.

09 Dresser coffee table BEF

09 Dresser coffee table PULLS

A little love and a little paint works wonders!

09 Dresser coffee table TOP

Added a little toile wallpaper and protective glass top.

09 Dresser coffee table GLASS

Now I just need to decide on the pulls…hmmmm…  It’s a keeper….for now!