Thursday, November 7, 2013

Beautiful Blue!



I have been experimenting with Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and I must say, I like it!


10 Flow blue dresser

I chose to strip only the top of this one and not the ‘body’.  I love the look.

09 Blue table

I did the same treatment on this. 

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

True Confessions of a Lamp Lover


I have a fetish.  For lamps!  Lighting is so key to setting the feel in a room because it creates so much ambiance.  I even have a routine for when certain lamps are turned on in my house.  


Like furniture, old lamps can be recycled too.  The old ones are usually quite nice and solid, and heavy !  Like this one.


08 Aqua Lamp BEFORE

This is a big one!  For reference, that the covered BBQ in the background!

08 Aqua Lamp BEFORE 2

Nice lines.   Ugly finish. Nothing a little spray paint can’t handle!


08 Aqua Lamp 1

Maybe a little sump’in else?

08 Aqua Lamp 2 

Silver Guilder’s Paste maybe?

08 Aqua Lamp 4

The old shade seemed a little off scale.


08 Aqua Lamp 45

How about a hand-tyed rag shade?


08 Aqua Lamp 5

Despite the shadow in the pic, I like it!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

From Yucky to Meh….Not too bad


When it comes to furniture I am all about curves.  I love ‘em!  I am not a fan of mid-century modern nor Eastlake.  That’s not to say that they aren’t nice but hard lines are not for me.


There is one ‘style’ (and I hesitate to use that word because it certainly is ‘stylish’) is 70’s chunky pine with a dark stain.  Like this…


08 70s table

Uh-uh-uh-ugly!  I would never have picked this up but it was dropped off in my driveway.  Free is good.  As I pondered how I would get rid of it, I thought that since it couldn’t look worse than it already did, I would play with it.  Out with the grey paint….

08 70s table 1

A little distressing.

08 70s table 2

A little better.

08 70s table 3

Add some appliques?

08 70s table 4

Hmmmmm……. I thought this one couldn’t be rescued but it’s not tooooo bad!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Beautiful Flow Blue


I am breaking away from my standard whites to play with Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint. 

Last summer I ordered the retailer starter kit and anxiously awaited it’s arrival.    Unfortunately for me, 2 days before it arrived I fell and sprained my ankle.  I was completely out of commission for 3 months.   Then along came winter, yada, yada……   So now I’m ‘playing’!


I can be a little color shy so I started out with a small piece.


08 Flow Blue table BEFORE

So here I go again with no real before.  I had already sanded the top when I thought to get a picture.  I don’t know about anyone else but sometimes I get myself in a tizzy when choosing colors – it’s very annoying.  It’s not like I’m paint the Sistine chapel or anything.  Jeez. 

08 Flow Blue table MID



I opted to stain the top (dark walnut) and paint the rest in MMS Flow Blue.

08 Flow Blue table MID 2

What a gorgeous color!

08 Flow Blue table OIL

Finished it up with some Hemp Oil.


08 Flow Blue table SHOP

Here it is installed in the shop.    The photo isn’t very good because the sun ‘got in the way’ but………

Friday, August 16, 2013

Spiffing Up a Silver Tray


I love silver.   I would pick it up whenever I came across it and have accumulated a few boxes.  Well, now it’s time to give it a little love.


So I pulled out this lovely, ornate tray and gave it a spray of white.  Then sanded the raised parts.  (Of course, no “Befores”, I’m working on that.)

08 Bird Tray 2


08 Bird Tray 3

I applied a graphic using the wax paper transfer method which can be a bit challenging.  Very slippy, slidey.    When I tried to apply the image the first time, I smeared it.   I quickly wiped it off and tried again.  Success.  I then let it sit for two days thinking it would ‘set’.  Not so.  It was still wet.  What now?  I had some Mod Podge spray sealant so I applied several very, very light coats.  (If you use this, make sure you use it outside.  It is the most toxic smelling stuff ever.  Effective but smelly.)


08 Bird Tray

I used a final coat of clear spray and voila!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weekend Finds


Since I seem to repeatedly lose or forget to take before pictures, I’m trying a new approach.  I’ll take pics of the items when I find them.  Then I’ll have a record.   Which may also serve as a way of guilting me in to dealing with things in a more timely manner.


A quick, last minute jaunt into thriftland on Saturday yielded these…


08 Weekend Finds

Matching deco side tables (probably part of an old vanity)


08 Weekend Finds 2

…..and a sweet little bench.  Love the detailing!    They’re usually pretty plain.

08 Weekend Finds 4

With the weather starting to cool, I hope to at very least deal with their ‘issues’ (like lifting veneer) soon.  Let’s see how I make out.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chair, Fabric & Chalk Paint


At this time of year, with summer fading away, I like to prep a few things for a time when it becomes impossible to work outside.  I have a million projects going at a time with glue & clamps, sanding & priming, etc.   Nothing finished.  Just waiting their turn for love and beauty shots.  Then, when their turn comes up, I have no before pics because I took them so long ago.

Sometimes I get tired of looking at all the unfinished projects and decide to tackle one.  Out of the blue, I feel the urge to do an itty bitty project and get it done lickety split.  Usually I can cherry pick something in the garage.


One night last week I went out to the garage to get something in the fridge and spotted a chair that needed love.  No sanding (good thing because using an electric sander at 11 o’clock at night is kind of “frowned upon” in the ‘hood.   I’m OK with it but…..)  So I gave it a quick coat of spray paint and took the seat in.

08 ASCP Paris Grey Seat BEFORE

The first layer of fabric was easy to remove.  There were very few staples and …..masking tape(!) holding the fabric in place.  I could tell that there was at least one other layer under the 1st.   I anticipated a few hours spent prying out staples and tacks.


08 ASCP Paris Grey Seat BEFORE 2

My to my surprise, the next layer was in very good condition!  That never, ever, ever happens!  An off white with a little texture.  The perfect candidate for attempting to paint the fabric with chalk paint.


08 ASCP Paris Grey Seat

First coat of Paris Grey using a water dipped brush and then dipped in paint.

08 ASCP Paris Grey Seat Chair 2

After a second touch up coat.

              08 ASCP Paris Grey Seat Chair 3

A little silver guilder’s paste on the curlicue on the back.


08 ASCP Paris Grey Seat Chair

I’m going to run it into the shop to go with a desk that is already there.

07 White desk

They make a purty pair don’t you think?