Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cheating with Martha - Room Divider Redo

On my thrifting adventures one of the things that I am always on the look out for is pretty fabric.   It can be sheets, shams, curtains, whatever.  Sheets work especially well because they’ re usually wider than most fabrics. 

It was on one such adventure that I met up with Martha.  Yes, Stewart.

Room divider CLOSE
I found this beautiful pair of curtains with a buttery yellow  background and cabbage roses from the Martha Stewart collection.   I didn’t have a plan for it then but it was definitely coming home with me.   Then inspiration hit.   An old room divider needed attention.  (Ooops.  Forgot to take a ‘Before” of the divider.)

Room divider TOP

This is where the benefit of recycling fabric comes in.    There is always at least one hemmed edge that can be used.  I sewed a seam on one end and used Velcro to create a pocket for the dowel to go through.  It might be cheating but it sure saves time.   A hem, seam and Velcro on the other end.

Room divider
Recycling fabrics is a “good thing”.
This is furniture....'ish, right?   At the risk of being banished, I'm linking up for Furniture Feature Friday and Sunday Showcase.



Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

That is such a pretty pattern...perfect use as a room divider!

Rust: Vintage Inspired Design said...

Love!!!! Amazing find!

oops! said...

Very creative, clever and adorable!

Scribbler said...

Great screen! I really like the yellow.

Linda Leyble said...

Hi - great project. Wish you had a before pic - but I can imagine what it looked like. I had trouble (and still do every now and again with taking before pics) but with my iphone it's automatic for me now (well...pretty much).

Love the fabirc - it's so vintage looking and lovely!


PS - I am a new follower...hope you visit me as well and follow!

~~Carol~~ said...

The room divider is gorgeous, and your fabric choice is perfection! Nothing wrong with using Velcro. I've "cheated" with it on more than one occasion!

room divider said...

This room divider is looking so nice.

Cathy and Paul @One Creative Couple said...

Love the fabric! I would put this in my home in a heartbeat!

kassiopia said...

Do you by any chance know what Martha Stewart line those curtains are from?