Sunday, June 17, 2012

It looked like an easy one…….Petite Drop Front Desk

I was deceived.  It didn’t have too many nooks & crannies and I thought it would be a quick fix.   Curvy lines with mostly flat surfaces….but… was a bleeder.
Drop front desk
I prefer to take things completely apart if I can.  Then do the prep work.  Sanding.  Wood filler.  (I prefer not to use stripper because it’s a messy proposition and it just feels toxic.)   Then prime.   Yada yada.
Drop front desk 2
I started by using a brush on primer but that’s when the trouble began.  Pink bleed through.  So I went to my ‘go-to’ spray primer (Rustoleum – Artist’s Touch – 2x coverage) in very light coats to seal in the old stain.    It worked.
Drop front desk 3
I put it all back together and spiffed it up with crystal pulls.  I used foam board covered with batting and a pretty pink fabric to create a pin-board in the back.
Drop front desk INSIDE
Good to go.  Into the shop it went.


Mel said...

What a sweet and feminine little desk. Great idea to add the fabric covered foam core.

For some strange reason, your updates don't show up in my reader. Normally when I follow a blog via Google Friend Connect, it is automatically added to my reader????

I'll add it so I don't miss your posts.

Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

Nice looking piece. I always panic when I get a 'bleeder'...LOL!

oops! said...

I Love this one too! Sometimes I am surprised by pieces that look they will be easy and are NOT!

Anonymous said...

nice job! i'm always fooled by the easy looking ones too ;) took me a long time to figure out how to combat bleed through!