Monday, December 3, 2012

Recycled Christmas

I must admit I am very….ummm….feeble….in the holiday decorating department in my booth. I keep it to a minimum and tend to integrate things that can be used after the season is over.
I use recycled items when I can so it mostly comes down to what I have on hand. A few years ago I came across a daycare center that was replacing their windows and there were stacks of them - free for the taking. (I’m still working on that stash.)
This one is in it’s second life.   Four years ago, I (with help) built a cold-frame so I could start seeds earlier in the Spring. It served me for 4 summers but this year the glass and cross bars were falling out so I took it apart. Removed the innards and bleached the beautifully weathered frame.
I intended to attach chicken wire to make a note board / message center but the roll was 2” too narrow.   Now what?   I was going to staple the inside of the frame.
I started to do this but I found that the wire could be stretched far enough to be stapled to the back of the frame. Perfect!
The berry wreath would be my way a Christmas-izing it!
See. Feeble!


Lynda Bergman Decorative Artisan said...

What a great idea!! I love to use chicken wire and it's so easy to cut. Thanks for sharing your idea. Lynda

Old Time Cindy said...

Hey're on a roll with posting lately. :)
I love the chicken wire look!
Farmhouse hugs,

Kathryn J Cain said...

Love your redo's lots of fun stuff...thank you for the sweet comment....

May said...

And yet another life for that old frame. I really like it. I put chicken wire in the frame of a mirror from an old dresser. (Don't know what ever happened to the dresser.) But now the frame is my bulletin board.