Friday, May 2, 2014

A Door I Adore


I’ve been deep in the throes of home renovation for the past year.  We are doing it on a budget and I have been fortunate enough to have someone who has been in the renovation business for 30+ years who is willing to squeeze me in when there are lulls in his regular business for a much better rate.  Works for me and works for him.  It takes some planning and patience but that’s OK.


One of our our latest projects was replacing the old hollow core doors with solid wood.  I intended to replace them with vintage doors but that only happened with 2 of the doors – the rest were bought new.  That’s just how it worked out. 



This crappy old hollow core door to the attic went from this….


Old door


This is what it looked like mid-way through the process….


Broken glass, yucky paint, not pretty.


The original hardware did not align with the existing hardware so we had to make some adjustments.  We had to close up the old hardware cut-outs to make new ones that aligned.  We filled the space with a chunk of wood and then used auto body filler (one brand is Bondo).  This stuff dries quickly and is a dream to sand.


I decided to replace the glass with two panes of plexiglass with a piece of lace curtain in between.



Love it!



I was also blessed to receive 8 sets of 1940’s crystal door knobs from a friend as a Christmas gift.  They have a story behind them.  Her father was building a house in the 1940’s and midway during the construction the house burned down so they were never used.  She kept the knobs for all these years and when she knew what I had planned, she surprised me with this gift.  A very special gift from a very special friend.   Thank you Betsy!


Mel@JunkinJunky said...

What a brilliant save of that fantastic door! I love the story of the door knobs; such a thoughtful friend.

Joselyn@The DIY Spot said...

Wow, the new door has such presence now. I have hollow core doors in my home and I want to change them all. Did you run into any problems with the frame not being perfectly square as is the case with older homes?

Lori E said...

Great job. We are going to replace the old hollow doors in our place too before we put it on the market. If I were staying I might follow your lead and use some fabulous old doors like yours.
The gift of the door knobs is such a special one. Wow. What a kind, thoughtful friend you have.

Nancy Roberts said...

I love the door! What a huge difference!

Karen said...

Wow! I can hardly believe that's the same door You did a fantastic job saving it. What a sweet gift those doorknobs were. The story behind them makes them priceless. I'll have to remember that Bondo trick the next time I need to fill something, who knew?