Saturday, March 31, 2012

Whitewashed Old Pine Trunk

I have to say my mind can be all over the place.   I typically have my project line-up floating around in my head as each new week rolls around.  This one wasn’t even on my radar.

0325 Trunk BEFORE
A beat up old trunk with plenty of dings.
0325 Trunk OPEN
I could either try to sand out the dings or work with them.
0325 Trunk HARDWARE
I removed the hardware and soaked it in a solution of hot water, vinegar and salt.   I cannot believe the amount of yuck that comes off.  I figured since it’s metal it wouldn’t be too bad.    Au contraire.  I let them soak for at least 24 hours and the stuff that was floating around……well, just yuck.

0325 Reunk CLOSE 2
I decided to whitewash this one.  Mixed up some paint and water and rubbed it on with a cloth.  The dings are even more visible and I’m kind of liking it.  (Plus, not sanding saved on a bunch of elbow grease!)

0325 Trunk PAINTED
The wood soaked up the whitewash and it was a little on the blotchy side so I distressed it a bit.

0325 Trunk AFTER
The decorative corner pieces were nixed.  They didn’t “go” with the new finish.  I forgot to take a picture of the side handles but the got a rub down with silver Rub & Buff and were distressed to let a little of the original black color.   Then buffed with Johnson’s Paste Wax and within 24 hours it was “looking for love”  in the shop.
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Sarah said...

This is beautiful! I love how it turned out! Great job!! -Sarah

Maureen said...

Thanks Sarah. I'm sure you know that the "quick & easy" ones don't come along very often.

driftwoodesign said...

Great job on this save. It looks wonderful now.
Kristy @ 4 the love of WOOD

Maureen said...

Thanks Kristy. Midway through it I hit the 'ugly' spot and wasn't sure about it but then I distressed it and all was well.