Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bigger Isn't Better–OOK Picture Hangers

This post is less about what I did and more about what I found.  So no “before” just an “after” pic.

I painted this huge chalkboard over a month ago and it has been sitting in my garage ever since.
0420 Dresser Chalkboard

It’s big and heavy and I was worried about hanging it on the drywall in the shop for fear that it would come crashing down.   I finally decided that I was being silly.  First of all, it wasn’t going to sell sitting in the garage and, secondly, I was getting tired of moving it around when I worked on other projects! 

So off to the hardware store I went.    Looking for industrial sized picture hanging ‘equipment’.  Bigger is better, right?  

Since I prefer the local mom & pop stores that's where I headed.  I was greeted by a very helpful guy when I arrived.  I told him what I was looking for.   Already knowing in my head that what I needed were some big honkin’ wall plugs,  screws, etc…..a drill, hammer….    He suggested that I try these.

OOK Picture hangerHe told me that they are much easier to use and only require a hammer to install.  They hold up to 100 lbs.  No drilling for wall plugs, etc.  I was hesitant but he seemed to know what he was talking about.   Well let’s just say that it pays to ask questions.    I had the chalkboard hanging on the wall in less than a minute.

Lessons learned?   Use the local stores whenever possible.   Ask questions.  (That’s what they’re there for.)  I might still be standing in the aisle of the big box store with a blank look on my face.


Cindy@OldTimePickers said...

Pretty chalkboard! Good thing ya needed the space at looks good in the shop. Sometimes we just need a little push!

Maureen said...

You're right about the little push. I am trying to break myself of the habit of not doing something because it's not perfect or I get caught up for the silliest little reason.


Weathered Treasure said...

I never knew these things existed. Good to know. :)

Shabby Marilyn said...

Great tip, the dresser and chalk board look great. I use to live by a little Hardware store and loved all the help they gave me. Newest follower linky and friends, thanks for the visit and hope to see you follow!