Thursday, April 12, 2012

It should have been easy…..Blue Toile Bench

Our shop is having a Spring sale this weekend so I’ve been going full tilt getting things ready.  I’ve been sanding, painting, cleaning, ironing and running around like a crazy person. 

Today was stocking day and I wanted to squeeze in one more piece.  I chose a vanity bench.  Quick & easy project.    Apparently there is no such thing.

Removing old fabric can be much more time consuming than putting it back on.    Why does anyone put new fabric over old fabric?   It’s gross!

0411 Toile bench before
The first layer was put in place with masking tape!  That’s a new one on me.

0411 Toile bench before 2
Layer 2:   Thumbtacks.

0411 Toile bench before 3
Layer 3:  A few random nails.

0411 Toile bench before 4
Layer 4:     A disgusting-ly dirty fabric held in place by a ton of rusty old hand forged nails.  Why would anyone cover over something so gross?

So after removing the layers I was able to use only the frame and I cut new foam and fabric. 

0411 Toile Bench AFTER
And….voila!  Installed in the shop and ready to go home with someone.

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Mel said...

ewwww. but now it's so pretty.