Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Weekend Finds


Since I seem to repeatedly lose or forget to take before pictures, I’m trying a new approach.  I’ll take pics of the items when I find them.  Then I’ll have a record.   Which may also serve as a way of guilting me in to dealing with things in a more timely manner.


A quick, last minute jaunt into thriftland on Saturday yielded these…


08 Weekend Finds

Matching deco side tables (probably part of an old vanity)


08 Weekend Finds 2

…..and a sweet little bench.  Love the detailing!    They’re usually pretty plain.

08 Weekend Finds 4

With the weather starting to cool, I hope to at very least deal with their ‘issues’ (like lifting veneer) soon.  Let’s see how I make out.


cindy the cottage chick said...

Those will be perfect painted up! I wish we had a thriftland....whatever it is, I want one!

Wendy said...

I have learned to take a picture right away and then email from my phone immediately. I have two small kids who live to delete all my photos. Great finds! Love the bench!