Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Good Junk! An Oxymoron?


Unintentional junking is the very best kind!  It’s impossible to be disappointed!  So on Sunday I hopped in my car not sure of where I was going.  Do I turn left or do I turn right?  Left it was.


Chairs ‘n knobs ‘n mirrors.  Oh my!

Junking 2

First up was an estate sale.  I found the ladder and gold mirror there.  Then right around the corner was a roadside junk sale!  With loads of good junk!  Yippee!

Junking 4

Cast iron pulls, knobs and hooks!  An old cast iron “Letter” slot.  Weathered wood boxes.  My eyes didn’t know where to turn!

Junking 5

Junking 6

A colander and a very old (and delicate) mirror.

Junking 8

Junking 7

A gear of some kind (not sure what but I loved the patina!).  It’s marked “White Mountain Freezer” so I’m guessing it “grew up” in New Hampshire.

Junking Basket (2)

An old bakery basket. I’m not sure what this is made of.  I thought it was metal but it’s not.  It’s more like a rigid leather.  Not sure but it is cool!  There is very faint lettering on the side that says “Arnold” which I assume is the name of the bakery.

I’m so glad I turned “left”!

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Tymes Past said...

What a great lot of junk! Love those days when you hit the mother lode and can fill your vehicle! :)

The "gear" is a crank from an old ice cream freezer--White Mountain.