Thursday, July 31, 2014

I May be Crazy!

I wasn’t even sure how to label this post.  It was a colossal amount of work.   I kinda, sorta knew what I was getting myself into when I bought it and if it hadn’t been so cheap I would run away in a heartbeat!  I thought at very least it would be an education in what NOT to do.Chiffarobe Close

The appliques on the doors (which were my favorite part) had pretty much crumbled.  I glued the pieces that I had back on and then used Bondo (used for repairing auto bodies) to make the missing parts.  When that was dry (it dries very quickly) I used a blade to carve the parts to blend in.

(I don’t have any before pictures because I started working on it before Christmas last year and then it was put away for the holidays.  Then my computer died…pictures were lost….yada yada.  Plus, I needed to build my stamina to tackle this one!)

Chiffarobe top

The top was a mess and rather than try to repair the veneer (been there, done that…not fun), I chose to take it all off revealing the most beautifully imperfect top.  A little dark stain called Kona (I think – it’s been a while) and the top was beautiful.

Chiffarobe side

The veneer on the upper right recessed panel was bubbled so I sanded it as best I could and called it a day.  A couple of years ago I would have obsessed over it but not anymore….I‘ve learned that people embrace imperfection in beautiful old pieces.

Chiffarobe front

Thankfully all of the old hardware was there and it just needed a bath. 

With that, it was off to the shop where it took up residence for a week and then sold!

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