Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fabric Love!


My love for fabric started in high school when I took sewing in ‘home ec’ (I know – I’m dating myself!).  It’s not only the colors and patterns but the feel.  A piece of lace may look beautiful but when I touch it, if it’s ‘crunchy’, it just won’t cut it.  It needs to be soft and supple.

That brings me to my latest project.

wicker bench BEF

I was thinking about throwing this out because it was rather sad looking but decided that since it was such a small project, I’d give it a whirl.   It’s a useful piece because the top opens an I keep slippers and flip flops in it.

First I painted it white (no pics) and then I went fabric hunting.

wicker bench FABRIC

Success!  Only $6.98 a yard on the clearance table!  The pattern is called ‘Latika’ by Echo.  It’s nice and soft and has some weight to it.

Now the white paint wasn’t working.  So I dry brushed over the white with gray.

wicker bench PAINTI think we all know the power of paint.  We can transform just about anything!

wicker bench 2


wicker bench 3

With about a 1/2 hour of effort, I’m glad I didn’t get rid of it.   It’s a keeper!

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Anonymous said...

What a transformation! I love it and the fabric is so gorgeous! What, they don't have Home-ec anymore? I learned a lot in that class and the sewing class too.