Saturday, August 9, 2014

A French One

I love these curvy French Provincial pieces.   These were abundant in the 1970’s and still pop up in stores from time to time.


They are so easy to work on because they almost never need any repairs.    Just clean and paint.


They always have fancy pulls.

Hutch bottom

I decided to do two colors on this one.  White & blue.

Hutch TOP

I used to tape pieces when working with more than one color but now I prefer to take them apart, paint, then put them back together.  So I took the back off on this one.  I’m a messy painter so that works best for me.


Here it is ready for the shop.   Or so I thought.  My oldest daughter is getting a new place later this month and she has claimed it for her spare bedroom.  There certainly are advantages to having a mom who ‘collects’ furniture!

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Anonymous said...

What a nice piece. Everything looks so beautiful!