Sunday, August 3, 2014

Junking without a Plan… aka Freestyling


So last Saturday’s unplanned junking went well.  It always works well when you have no plan.  No disappointment!

726 Haul

This was it!

0726 Mirror

Anyone know what that red handled kitchen tool might be?  There was also a nice oak mirror in excellent condition.  I didn’t even notice the tag on the back until I got it home.

726 Oak Mirror label 

‘Arts & Crafts” period.  Cool.

726 Wallpaper it

A very cool vintage wallpapering kit with instructions.

0726 Hat

A vintage …. and probably close to antique hat that seems like it is from the style of the 1920’s!  Navy blue taffeta.  Dusty but so sweet!

070 silverware

Silverware!  My weakness!  At very least, I am keeping the 8 piece knife set.

070 silverware 2

An old bell….a mother of pearl spoon with engravings.

All in all a good junking day!


Anonymous said...

I love your finds especially the silverware. The red handled thing is a tool for cooking. You fill it with some pie shell and put either sweets or meat inside then another shell over the top. We are talking tiny bits of everything. Then you cook it over the flame of a gas stove. I have used one before. It's kind of like cooking marshmallows over a gas stove flame only better. Lol, I was just thinking it was over 30 years ago when I used one last. Enjoy!

Suzan Sweatman said...

OMG Maureen - I've been looking for that kitchen tool forever !
My girlfriend's Mom had one ( in Verdun ) and she used to make the most incredible grilled cheese sandwiches with it - she'd put a slice of bread - a slice of cheese - some onions - and a bread on top - when she closed it the excess bread would be cut off - and the result was a round grilled cheese sandwich that was out of this world - Oh I'd give anything to find one !!!
Try it - you'll never eat a grilled cheese sandwich the regular way again - promise !

Suzan Sweatman said...

Oh and I wanted to tell you - everytime I try to reply to a comment you leave - the message comes back undeliverable - every single time - only yours !!!
Has anyone else mentioned that to you?

Lori E said...

It happens to all of us Suzan. I think I mentioned it some time ago to dear Maureen. Lol.
I had no idea what that tool was used for. I love kitchen gadgets but this was new to me.