Thursday, August 21, 2014

What To Do When It’s Already White


I use white paint A LOT!  Not because it’s the only one that I like but because it can fit into so many color schemes.  That’s important when you sell furniture…mass appeal’ish.  I love doing Flow Blue and other gorgeous colors and I would like to do them more often but I always need white in my booth.   They’re just more likely to sell.

So why is it that when I finally get a piece that is white I feel inclined to paint it something other than white? 

Blue grey dresser BEF

Once I stripped the top,  I just wasn’t ‘feeling’ it.  So it sat in the garage over the winter until inspiration hit.

Blue grey dresser

I thought Paris Grey & Louis Blue (ASCP) were in order.

Blue grey dresser AFTER

Then Miss Mustard Seed’s White wax to tone it down.  I was loving the look and even decided to keep the original wood knobs.

Blue grey dresser AFTER close

A little German Silver wax and it was good to go!

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