Friday, July 22, 2011

A Funny Happened on the Way to the Shop…..

I am really, really, really trying to not stockpile furniture.  I’m trying my darnedest to fix and flip as quickly as possible. 

A couple of weeks ago I picked up a Lane cedar chest with nice curvy legs at an estate sale.  The price was higher than I normally pay but it was in mint condition.  So I carted it home.  Hubby and a couple of neighbors were talking in the driveway when I got home so they took it out of the car for me.   (Bonus!  I usually haul my treasures by myself - by whatever means necessary!)   They then proceeded to “Ohhhh” and “Ahhhh” about the excellent quality, condition, yada yada.  I promptly advised them that although it was in perfect condition, it wouldn’t look that way for long.

I was so into redoing this that I jumped right in…

Lane Cedar chests BEFORE 2
….so much so that I forgot a proper before picture….but you get the idea.

Once it was painted, I was smitten!

Lane Cedar chests AFTER 2

Lane Cedar chests AFTER 3

Lane Cedar chests AFTER
For the first time ever, I upcycled a piece of furniture and actually kept it for myself!   Mine...all mine!   I've been living with the same furniture forever and I think it's about time I updated my abode!   I may just have started a trend!  Hmmm...