Thursday, November 29, 2012

All That Glitters Should NOT be Gold

Of all the resources for ‘hunting’ down new finds, I have two favorites.    Estate Sales and Nature’s Bounty (more on that in another post).    (Barn sales are actually the total bomb but they don’t happen often around here so I can’t even go there.) 

At a recent estate sale I found this …….
1129 Chandy 1
……in all it’s uber ugly gold-ness.  Let the dismantling begin!
1129 Crystals
First up, cleaning the crystals.  A bath of hot water, salt and vinegar does the trick.

1129 Chandy 2a
Next, I used tin foil to cover the parts of the chandelier that were not getting painted.

1129 Chandy 4
Next, a coat of primer and  then paint.

1129 Chandy 6
Tada!  No wiring this time – it already came with a plug and DIMMER!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Jewelry & Lacey{s} - Repurposed

Two of my favorite things!  Luckily I don’t wear either ‘cuz they tend to get ruined when painting.   I usually just dive in when painting, gardening, or whatever and things tend to get ruined that way.  Let’s put it this way…. I have more painting clothes than going out clothes.  ‘Nuf said.

So.   I had this old oval frame (I have 2 actually – one more to go) that was the most screamingly garish gold.  So the spray paint came out.

1114 Bubble Glass Frame BEF
Ahhh…much better.   I didn’t want to ignore the fact that the glass was raised and rather than put a print in it, I took advantage of adding 3-D elements.

1114 Bubble Glass Frame 2
A Victorian lace collar, sweet ruffled gloves with doilies and pearls and earrings….. very feminine.  (Pardon the glare on the glass – the overhead lighting in the shop was hard to work with and couldn’t be avoided.)
1114 Bubble Glass Frame 3
I distressed the beading around the glass to bring out the detail.

1114 Bubble Glass Frame
Et voila!  Now for sale in the Uxbridge shop.  One more to go!
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