Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pretty in Pink

I had this deco dresser sitting in my garage without it’s partner mirror.
Pink Deco dresser BEFORE
It was missing handles and lots of peeling veneer. 
Pink Deco dresser 1
Why oh why did they ever used veneer escapes me.  More often than not the wood underneath is every bit as nice… with a little sanding of course.  Veneer is a bugger to repair!
The back was warped so it had to be replaced. The original mirror sat in a recessed part on the top but the mirror that I chose to use with it had to sit on the top so I had to use a piece of wood to fill in the recess.
Pink Deco dresser 1a
I tried Rustoleum’s new “chalky” paint on this.  Love the color!
Pink Deco dresser 3
New pulls and it’s good to go!
Pink Deco dresser 2
P.S.  The color is true in the close up not this photo.

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