Sunday, October 18, 2015

Nouveau Trumeau Mirror

Gotta love Craigslist!  I picked up this mirror with matching bench this summer.
Trumeau bench BEF
It was a 40 minute drive.  When I saw I liked the shape and condition but the finish was yucky.  Hand painted flowers that were raised (relief) and would require sanding to get rid of them.  Since it wasn’t a simple “paint and done” project, I offered the seller a bit less than she was asking and that kind of put her in a snit.  She said I should have told her before.  Huh?  How could I tell her anything before I saw the piece?   In any case, I ended up getting for what I offered.  End of that.
Trumeau bench BEF 2
I removed the medallion at the top part and sanded away.  (No pics – I was busy!)
Trumeau bench AFT 2
All painted in ASCP Paris Grey with wood applique painted gold.  Then waxed.
Trumeau bench AFT 3 
The bench received the same love.
Trumeau bench AFT

Friday, October 16, 2015

Let There Be Light!

I love lamps!  I picked up a pair at a yard sale a few weeks ago.  The finish was dated but the “bones” were good.  They are nice and heavy but the finish was dated.

10 Whitewashed lamp

Nothing a little paint can’t fix.

10 Whitewashed lamp GREY

Sprayed with grey paint. 

10 Whitewashed lamp AFT 2

Then for a little more interest, I did somewhat of a whitewash with gesso.  It toned down the paint and added a little depth.

10 Whitewashed lamp SHADE

The original shades were definitely not a match for the lamps so I bought shades and added a beaded trim.

10 Whitewashed lamp AFT 3

Installed in the shop!

10 Whitewashed lamp AFT

Friday, October 2, 2015

Updating a Curio

I picked up this curio cabinet last Saturday at an estate sale on Cape Cod. 

10 Curio BEFIt was in excellent condition but the golden oak had to go! 

Nothing a little white paint (Chantilly Lace) and toile can’t cure.

10 Curio

The original applique was kind of blah… I changed that too.  Something more in keeping with the with toile.

10 Curio CLOSE

Already installed in the shop.

10 Curio 2

   Gotta love a quick flip!