Thursday, May 30, 2013

Petite Sideboard

After almost a year of being side-lined due to injury and other life ‘stuff’, I finally feel like I am getting back on track.  As anyone with a shop/booth space knows, you absolutely reap the rewards based on what you put into it….or lack thereof.

So I’m chugging along trying to get back in the groove.  I managed to take 3 pieces into the shop today.  One was a little sideboard with drop leaf sides.
0529 Sideboard CLOSE
It has this sweet little detailing – both front and back.  I was very tempted to keep it for myself but I thought I would put it in the shop where it has an opportunity to sell and then if it doesn’t, it will come home to me.  Whatever will be, will be!
0529 Sideboard
Sorry – no before pics.  Getting it done and installed in the shop was an accomplishment itself and I am satisfied with that.

I'm joining in Miss Mustard Seed's Furniture Feature Friday link party.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weathered Window & Wire

While I’m in window mode….why not do another.   I did this one a few days ago.  
0525 Window AFTER
The glass was intact so it was perfect for adding my flower pics to.  The next one was a little rougher.  No glass.  (Although they both had the same fuzzies and could have used a shave!)
0528 Key frame BEFORE 2
0528 Key frame BEFORE
Chicken wire to the rescue!
I didn't have a D-ring to hang it so I improvised.
I used a pop tab from a soda can and voila!
A new place to hang keys, the dog leash, etc.
0528 Key frame AFTER 2
Installed and ready to use. 

P.S.  If you’ve never used chicken wire, beware… it bites!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Flowers & Weathered Wood

 Two of my favorite things!   As a matter of fact I was supposed to be outside planting flowers this weekend but Mother Nature had other ideas.  So instead I spent my time inside…. printing flowers.

0525 Window IMAGES

I needed some wall d├ęcor for my freshly painted breezeway  /mudroom so I pulled out an old window that I cleaned up earlier.

0525 Window BEFORE 1
There was an odd ‘fuzziness’ on parts of it –probably from being out in the rain.
0525 Window BEFORE 2
See?  I sanded it off as best I could but it was tough to get at without breaking any glass.

0525 Window BEFORE
I dry-brushed the paint on and lightly sanded with a sanding block.  That took care of the fuzzies pretty well.  Then I chose the photos for the frames.
0525 Window FRAME 1

0525 Window FRAME 2

0525 Window FRAME 3

0525 Window FRAME 4

I wanted the pics to be removable so that I could change them out seasonally so I added 2 bands of elastic to the back to hold the pics tightly to the glass.    They are  easily removable when I want to change them up.

0525 Window BACK
And this is the final result!  
0525 Window AFTER
Easy…and free!
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