Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Antique Chandelier–Part 2 – Rewiring, etc.

After the task of dismantling and cleaning the chandelier (posted here), it was on to the task of rewiring and putting it back together.
Chandelier wiring
First up. Opening the bottom to pull out the old wiring.   The old wiring that went into each of the “arms” was left alone since it looked “healthy”.     So I just pulled the main wire and connected a new one through the center.  I simply unscrewed the electrical connectors (black doodads).
Chandelier wiring 2
I intended on using a kit with an inline switch but because it was an older chandelier, the new wiring was too chunky to go through the narrow pipe.   I called a friend who has supplies (and skills) for virtually every project.
Chandelier SWITCH
Since she never disappoints, she had a smaller old electric cord and showed me how to install an inline switch.   Yahoo!  New skill acquired.

Chandelier diagram
Although my drawing skills might be lacking, this diagram helped me to put it all back together.

Chandelier BEFORE
As I started to put it back together I felt that the old gold’ish color was not really giving it what it was worthy of .  So.  I.  painted. it.
Chandelier CLOSE 2
Sacrilegious?  Perhaps.  But so much better!
Chandelier CLOSE 3

Chandelier CLOSE
Still a work in progress but the full reveal is coming soon.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Comfy Bench for Your Bum

Silly little story.  I kind of don’t like wood benches.  They remind me of the merry-go-rounds that were in the parks in my town when I was growing up. 
Once upon a time…..there was a little girl who wanted to go on the merry-go-round at the park.   The bigger kids were spinning it round ‘n round and the little girl wanted to join in the fun.  So she tried to sit down on it as it was spinning.  Bad move.  The wood was old and dry….and splinter-y.  Nuff said.
That said, I do love vanity benches.   Mostly because I love vanities I guess.  I’m working on a vanity right now.   I also just finished a bench.
No “before” because this was started a while ago.  Picture this….. dark wood with dirty green brocade upholstery.

0210 French bench
In keeping with the French revolution that’s going on.  Now all french-ified.   

0210 French bench 1

Of course since it had been a while since I worked on this, I had misplaced the wood plugs so I compromised.
0210 French bench 3
One down…soooo many more to go.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Piece That Scared Me!

I picked up a dresser a few weeks ago and it wasn’t until I got it home and started sanding that I realized what it was.   

Oak dresser
Oak. With issues.
Oak dresser TOP
Cracks along the top edge meant that refinishing wouldn’t look great.  In my experience wood filler and refinishing don’t work well.   So I called an older friend who has performed miracles on furniture for quite some time.  I think I was asking her “permission” to paint oak.  Egads.  After all, I don’t want to be on the FBI’s “10 Most Wanted “ list.
Long story short……here it is in all it’s glory.

0210 Blue White dresser 2
Beachy, yes?
0210 Blue White dresser
I still question whether it’s legal to paint oak so I’m  looking over my shoulder for the men in suits.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Desk with Currrrrves!

Sometimes I do dumb things!  Like now.  Most people forget to take before pictures.  Oh no.  Not me. 

White Scrolly desk
Here’s the after.  I only took one picture thinking I would get another the when I go into the shop this week.  Dork.  Not possible.  Sold today.

Sooooo…….unfortunately the “befores” show the details more than the after.

White Scrolly desk BEFORE
Lots of swirls ‘n curves…….and missing parts!

White Scrolly desk BEFORE 2
Confused smile
Previous repairs had to be rectified I would say.   After the repair, my job was made a little easier with this…..

I’ve used several others (and I won’t get into names) but this one is hands down the best coverage.  Rarely runs (and when it does…. definitely “operator error”).  Covers well.  As a matter of fact, I ran out of it when I was doing a project recently and only had another kind on hand so I literally sprayed 1/2 of a drawer with each.  The proof was in the pudding.   Same piece, same weather conditions, same hand….no comparison.

So this is it…….
White Scrolly desk