Thursday, August 4, 2011

It Doesn’t Happen Often….but…

As a matter of fact, it NEVER happens.  I pick up pieces of furniture based on features that I like.   A few of the things that I look for are notched drawers (an absolute must!), nice curves or interesting shapes.  That said, it usually means that I like (or love) the things that I pick up.

Provincial Side Table
Love, love, love the handles.   So very, very 70’ish.  They make me think of the Cookie Monster - all splayed and shoving cookies in his mouth.

Then begins the work.  Hauling, sanding, painting, ‘bejeweling’ (hardware is an issue more often than not – often missing or broken), and then waxing…..but not this time!
Provincial Side Table AFTER
Here it is painted (Valspar ‘Baby Blue’) with chippy, glossy white handles tagged and ‘installed’ in the shop.  I love the easy ones!  Cute, right?