Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cape Cod Lobster Crate

I picked up this authentic lobster (pronounced ‘lobsta’ in this neck of the woods!) on Cape Cod last summer. 

WARNING:  The only ‘after’  picture that I have is not even worth showing because the lighting inside the shop (or my less than spectacular photography skills) completely messed it up.  Ditz!

First I washed it by spraying it down with bleach and then I attacked  it with my mouse sander.  I liked the “Lobsters” on top but the fisherman’s initials on the side had to go. 
My mighty Mouse sander to the rescue.  It was a glossy enamel red paint so it took some elbow grease but where there’s a will……

07 Lobster crate INSIDE
Dry brushed with white paint.
07 Lobster crate wheels 2
Installed some wheels…..

07 Lobster crate OUTSIDE 2
….. and this is the only ‘after’ish’ photo.   I added hinges to the top for easy opening.  
I went back a couple of days later to get a pic but it had sold!