Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sideboard Surprise – Shellac

It’s funny how things work out.  Sometimes I pick up things with every intention of selling it.  Then I keep it.  Sometimes I think “hmmm…..I think I’ll keep that.”.  And I sell it.

I picked up this petite sideboard thinking I would keep it because I love the lines and architectural elements.    (Ugg cannot find the real Before pics – I know I took them!  So this is a kinda, sorta “amidst” picture.)  
1020 Crackled sideboard midway
It was the standard walnut finish and in my experience walnut is a real bleeder.  A few months ago, Miss Mustard Seed gave me a tip about about using Shellac before  painting to seal the stain in.  Hmmm…. never knew that!  I always thought of Shellac as a finish.

I sprayed on 1 coat of Shellac and brushed on a coat of paint the next day.   The following morning I went out to check on it and this is what had happened!

1020 Crackled sideboard pulls
It went crackle crazy!    I was NOT expecting that!   I pondered it for a little bit and decided that I loved it. 

The pulls got the usual treatment.  I little spa time in hot water, salt and vinegar to remove the crud.   Then a little of this….

1020 Crackled sideboard
….a “Rub ‘n Buff massage.   I love this stuff because by using my fingers to apply it in random spots I can achieve depth.

1020 Sideboard
Sanded lightly. Waxed for a nice hard finish…and good to the shop that is!   (The Stray Cat in Medway this time.)

Friday, October 5, 2012

New Vanity in the Shop

I absolutely have a thing for vanities.  I love the deco style ones with the big round mirrors and the vanities with tri-fold mirrors too.  I grab them whenever I find them.

I lucked out recently when my MIL sent one to me when hubby was visiting her.  Thing is, it was missing the mirror.  I called up a friend who has been doing this for a long time to see if she might have a mirror.  Believe it or not, she did! With just a couple of small adjustments, it fit perfectly!
I didn't think it was going to work out but it did!  How awesome is that! 
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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Back in Action - The Rescued Chair

Sometimes I come across the saddest looking pieces of furniture.  Like this….

Rattan chair BEFORE
I understand that styles and taste change but one thing that I do NOT understand is tweed fabric.!   Not only is it unattractive but very rough and scratchy on the skin.  The saving grace for this chair were the curvy lines and legs. 

So after a little time at the spa…….

Rattan chair AFTER
Here it is all exfoliated, moisturized and wearing new duds.  Oh the powers of paint!   And a little elbow grease!