Sunday, August 23, 2015

Pretty in Pink

I had this deco dresser sitting in my garage without it’s partner mirror.
Pink Deco dresser BEFORE
It was missing handles and lots of peeling veneer. 
Pink Deco dresser 1
Why oh why did they ever used veneer escapes me.  More often than not the wood underneath is every bit as nice… with a little sanding of course.  Veneer is a bugger to repair!
The back was warped so it had to be replaced. The original mirror sat in a recessed part on the top but the mirror that I chose to use with it had to sit on the top so I had to use a piece of wood to fill in the recess.
Pink Deco dresser 1a
I tried Rustoleum’s new “chalky” paint on this.  Love the color!
Pink Deco dresser 3
New pulls and it’s good to go!
Pink Deco dresser 2
P.S.  The color is true in the close up not this photo.

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Lori E said...

Wow that will make some little girls room look awesome. So soft and pretty.

Anonymous said...

You do beautiful work! Please come and share! I would love it if you would join in on my Making Broken Beautiful party! It starts 6:00pm (MST) this Thursday September 10 and I would love to have you join up each week!
Smiles for a great week!

Unknown said...

That is a great pink hue, the only thing that really bothers me about veneer, is the fact that it always need repair, and then paint because you really can't stain it when you use a filler, and often the line work is so pretty, it bums me out to cover it up. Great save the piece turned out beautiful!