Sunday, October 18, 2015

Nouveau Trumeau Mirror

Gotta love Craigslist!  I picked up this mirror with matching bench this summer.
Trumeau bench BEF
It was a 40 minute drive.  When I saw I liked the shape and condition but the finish was yucky.  Hand painted flowers that were raised (relief) and would require sanding to get rid of them.  Since it wasn’t a simple “paint and done” project, I offered the seller a bit less than she was asking and that kind of put her in a snit.  She said I should have told her before.  Huh?  How could I tell her anything before I saw the piece?   In any case, I ended up getting for what I offered.  End of that.
Trumeau bench BEF 2
I removed the medallion at the top part and sanded away.  (No pics – I was busy!)
Trumeau bench AFT 2
All painted in ASCP Paris Grey with wood applique painted gold.  Then waxed.
Trumeau bench AFT 3 
The bench received the same love.
Trumeau bench AFT


Anonymous said...

Haha, I have totally been cussed out even for offering a less than wanted bid so I can just imagine the attitude even if she did not cuss and all they really have to do is respectfully decline the offer. I guess everyone thinks their stuff is worth it's weight in gold and it is now that you have recreated it so beautifully! Love that mirror!!

Lori E said...

If she didn't want to sell for less she just had to say so. Jeesh people, you are selling used stuff.
It looks way nicer now that you have decluttered it.

Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey said...

Hi, Maureen -- Since you visited my page, I'm returning the favor and linking to your page. Your Trumeau Mirror is gorgeous. Great job.