Friday, September 18, 2015

Whispers of Color

Although I love color, I use a lot of white paint.  (Not because I don’t love color.  Because I do!)  White just seems to sell quicker.  But who can resist the “oops” paint section at the hardware store? 
09 Whisper of Blue dresser CLOSE 2
I picked up this “whisper” color and went to work as soon I got home.  Just a touch of minty blue/green.  In fact, when I was painting in the dark garage it appeared to be a shade of white…until I took it outside and added the white handles. 
09 Whisper of Blue dresser CLOSE
Since it was rather plain, I also added the appliques to spiff it up a bit.
The mirror and dresser were not a set but I think they are a good match.
09 Whisper of Blue dresser
It won’t be long before I look at these pictures longingly…..wishing the snow would go away!  For now, I’ll enjoy these days that Mother Nature has blessed us with.
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Lori E said...

I like that description. Whisper. I think we might as well have a whisper colour because so many whites just look stark and out of place at times.
I had such different light quality in our old house. My yellow walls often looked white until the brightest days when it had a lovely buttery yellow glow.

Anonymous said...

This was an "oops" colour???? I wish there were "oops" colours in the stores around here that were that pretty! This is a gorgeous piece! Well done! I'm just popping by to say thank you so much for joining in on my Making Broken Beautiful party last week! I hope you will come again!